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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 18, 2021

Sempai Angel and Sensei Samuel Diaz are Martial Arts practitioners and Instructors at Stratford Shotokan Karate.

One of the things that we try to drive home to our students is that, the training that you're embarking on, what you're enduring in that hour and a half class, is a reflection of life. So the same way that you're facing the struggle during the training, those are going to be reflection of the trials that we're going to face in life...

Sempai Angel and Sensei Samuel Diaz - Episode 650

It’s unusual in this podcast to feature guests that are siblings. What’s more unusual is that the older sibling learned Martial Arts before their father did. Sensei Samuel Diaz III, wanted to become a Ninja Turtle so he started at the tender age of 2. Sempai Angel Diaz, the younger sibling, trained much later inspired by his big brother and father. Together, they run the Stratford Shotokan Karate in Connecticut.

In this episode, Sensei Samuel and Sempai Angel Diaz tell their Martial Arts journey and how it strengthened their bond as brothers.

Show Notes

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