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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 29, 2021

Renshi Nikki Wulfe is a martial arts practitioner and instructor of Bajohbugei horse martial arts and she’s from South Africa.

I’ve had very real attempts on my life and I’ve also learned what works and what doesn’t. Get armed and get trained. Self-defense should not stop in the dojos. Self-defense is a much bigger thing, it’s a defense of the self. So, I do a lot of self-defense training for women in my country…

Renshi Nikki Wulfe - Episode 662

It’s very rare in this show that we encounter something relatively new. In this case, Renshi Nikki Wulfe introduces us to Bajutsu and Bajohbugei horse martial arts that originated in Japan that were brought to South Africa by Japanese monks. Having a father who does martial arts, Renshi Nikki Wulfe practically grew up in the dojo. She also learned Martial Arts and some form of acupuncture from the Shinto monks.

In this episode, Renshi Nikki Wulfe tells her journey into Martial Arts, self-defense, and her time with the Japanese monks. Listen and join the conversation!

Show Notes

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