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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 24, 2022

Mr. Andrew Marley is a Martial Arts practitioner and instructor at Mission Martial Arts in Kentucky.

I’m definitely one that likes trinkets and marks on the wall that says “we’re growing”. So I think about my next belt so I’m working towards that. But it’s the everyday experience that’s what drives me and not the belt. I want it, I like it, but it’s the everyday Journey…

Mr. Andrew Marley - Episode 678

Starting in Martial Arts later in life could have both negative and positive effects depending on people. Mr. Andrew Marley, an athlete who played college basketball and got sidelined by injuries, started late in martial arts only to found family, friends, and his own fountain of youth. Presently, Mr. Andrew Marley is a class instructor at the Mission Martial Arts in Kentucky.

In this episode, Mr. Andrew Marley talks about how he started his journey into the martial arts later in his life. Listen and join the conversation!

Show Notes

You may check out Mr. Andrew Marley’s school at