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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 13, 2022

David Leath is a martial arts practitioner, coach, and speaker. He works at his local County police department.

To me, martial arts training was never a recreational thing. Especially when I got on tthe job, it was an absolute I must do this. That was my mindset, I must, must train.

David Leath - Episode 718

Who would’ve thought that watching too much television was good for kids? Growing up watching Adam West’s Batman and Bruce Lee, David Leath developed an affinity with Martial Arts. Eventually, martial arts will be an important part of his work in law enforcement in the NYPD. Presently, he works at his local County police department. David Leath is a fan of UFC since the beginning.

David Leath is a podcaster, who goes by the radio name David Diem, and hosts the podcast The Hero Academy.

In this episode, David Leath tells us about his journey into martial arts and why he is a true fan of all martial arts. Listen to learn more!

Show Notes

Check out David Leath’s websites at and

Listen to David Leath’s Podcast: The Hero Academy Podcast

Follow David Leath on Instagram: @davidleath1