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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 17, 2022

Sifu Elvis Stojko is a Martial Arts Practitioner and instructor, Actor, author, and multi-awarded Olympic medallist Figure Skater.

A true drive or a true inspiration can only come from within. It cannot be an external source…

Sifu Elvis Stojko - Episode 754

If you ask Sifu Elvis Stojko which came first, Skating or Martial Arts? Sifu Stojko will say Skating. However, the story of how Martial arts helped his career is nothing short of astounding.

In this episode, Sifu Elvis Stojko shares his journey to the Martial Arts, how Kung Fu has helped his skating career, and more importantly how it changed his life. Listen to learn more!

Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Glen Doyle’s episode.

Know more about Sifu Elvis by visiting his website.