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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 31, 2022

Sensei Les Bubka is a Martial Arts practitioner, instructor, and Mental Health advocate based in the United Kingdom.

Martial Arts is like money, it amplifies your character. If you’re rich and a bad person, you’re just a powerful bad person. The same in the dojo, you give a bad person more power, he will just turn into a powerful bad person… I would like to beleive that Martial Arts make better people, but the truth is, good instructors produce good people.

Sensei Les Bubka - Episode 758

Going out and socializing with other people is a normal part of everyday living but for Sensei Les Bubka, it was the other way around. Sensei Bubka had anxiety growing up and when his friend invited him to join a dojo, he stayed. Eventually, Sensei Bubka will realize something that will change his life forever.

Sensei Les Bubka has been promoting the benefits of Karate for health, both physical and mental, and working with charities, groups and individuals using Karate as a tool for improvement.

In this episode, Sensei Les Bubka shares his journey to the Martial Arts and how it’s making a positive impact on Mental Health. Listen to learn more!

Show notes

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