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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 23, 2023

Sensei Craig Wharem is a Martial Arts practitioner, instructor, Managing Director at Karate International, and author at Martial Journal.

When I was younger and I went to a friend’s house, and that friend has a younger sibling and didn’t have a friend over, the younger sibling was going to play with us whether my friend likes it or not. That was how it’s gong to roll because nobody should be left out. That mentality just always carried over for me… So when I started teaching, it’s important that every single student felt that…

Sensei Craig Wharem - Episode 782

whistlekick isn’t run by one person and this podcast isn’t a one-man show. One of the people who helps whistlekick is Sensei Craig Wharem. Sensei Wharem has been on the show numerous times but he hasn’t been a “guest” of the show. Sensei Craig Wharem started his journey when he realized that he wasn’t the most athletic growing up and the rest was history. He is currently Managing Director at Karate International and author at Martial Journal.

In this episode, Sensei Craig Wharem talks about his journey as a martial artist, what it’s like growing up, his passion for making people around him better, and more!

Show notes

You may check out Sensei Craig Wharem on Martial Journal