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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

May 15, 2023

Mr. Yuri Lowenthal is a Martial Arts Practitioner and Enthusiast. He appeared as the voice actor for Spiderman, Goku, and Superman to say the least.

I went to New York from Japan and while I was there, I’ve found a Kung Fu and Wushu school. I knew after checking out the school, I finally found what I really love about Martial Arts. It had that fluid quality that I wanted. They were not focusing on sparring all the time. The Chinese instructor just wanted people to study Kung Fu.

Mr. Yuri Lowenthal - Episode 814

Mr. Yuri Lowenthal, a self-proclaimed nerdy kid, grew up in the 80s as Kung Fu movies and Anime started to gain popularity. Mr. Lowenthal's interest in martial arts began when his dad was working for USAID in West Africa, where they found a Korean teacher who taught Tae Kwon Do to the Nigerian police.

Lowenthal's love for Japanese culture led him to Japan, where he studied the language and joined a Shaolin Kempo Club. He even fronted an American music band at the invitation of one of the Japanese students he met. At present, when Mr. Yuri Lowenthal has free time, he does voice acting for our most beloved characters in animated films and games such as Spiderman, Goku, Superman, Final Fantasy and so much more.

In this episode, Mr. Yuri Lowenthal talks about his Martial Arts Journey, his passion for its history, and his fascination for Eastern cultures. Listen to learn more!

Show notes

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