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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 26, 2023


Mr. Rokas Leo is a martial arts practitioner, instructor, and co-organizer of the Ultimate Self-Defense Championship.

I didn't know what Aikido is before I went in there. Just a friend of mine was like, Hey, let's go try it together. And I went in and part of that, I saw the swords. I was like, hell yeah, I'm going to learn swords and hand to hand fighting…

Mr. Rokas Leo - Episode 826

Evaluating the effectiveness of the discipline you have always trained in is important, but it can be difficult. Mr. Rokas Leo had a passion for Aikido until he realized that it wasn't the best discipline for self-defense. Mr. Leo's martial arts journey began with his interest in traditional martial arts, particularly the samurai and their swords. He was then invited to try Aikido, which he fell in love with from the first day.

However, Mr. Leo eventually felt like he had hit a plateau in his training and was struggling to find new challenges within Aikido. This led him to explore other martial arts disciplines and training methods, which he found to be more effective and fulfilling.

In this conversation, Mr. Rokas Leo talks about his Aikido journey and the success of the crowdfunding campaign for season two of his martial arts competition series, Ultimate Self Defense Championship. Mr. Rokas Leo is a co-organizer of the Ultimate Self-Defense Championship.

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