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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 29, 2021

Renshi Nikki Wulfe is a martial arts practitioner and instructor of Bajohbugei horse martial arts and she’s from South Africa.

I’ve had very real attempts on my life and I’ve also learned what works and what doesn’t. Get armed and get trained. Self-defense should not stop in the dojos. Self-defense is a...

Nov 25, 2021

In this episode, Jeremy and co-host Andrew Adams take on another iteration of the Rapid Fire Question and Answers.

Rapid Fire Q&A #9 - Episode 661

Jeremy and co-host Andrew Adams tackle a series of questions from you, the listeners, in the form of a Rapid Fire Q&A. Here are the questions they tried to answer:

    Nov 22, 2021

    Mr. Brian Doucette is a Martial Arts Practitioner and host of the Everyday Martial Artist Podcast.

    You can also get a good student out of a bad instructor. Even a good instructor can put out a bad student sometimes, unfortunately. Because they train with the same person with the same thoughts and philosophy can be a...

    Nov 18, 2021

    In this episode, listen in as Jeremy and Andrew ponder on the Bucket of Crabs analogy in Martial Arts.

    Bucket of Crabs - Episode 659

    Have you ever seen one of those buckets of crabs in a seafood market? You may notice that the sellers don’t need to put a lid on. Why? Because almost no crab ever gets out. How...

    Nov 15, 2021

    Mr. Steven Matulewicz is a Martial Arts practitioner for 35 years in various disciplines.

    There are 2 distinct mindset sometimes when we’re dealing with Martial Arts and why people are training. For me, it’s always about defending myself or defending other people more than any other aspect of Martial Arts.