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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 8, 2015

This week's episode of the show is with a man I know very well, Master Brendan Goodall. I've known him for my entire time in tae kwon do and am happy to call him friend and brother. (We're not related by blood, but his family has been very kind to me). Past listeners will notice the lack of a formal title in addressing Master Goodall - and that was intentional. Brendan and I agreed that in order to give the best interview possible, it needed to be natural... and calling him anything but Brendan would have been unnatural.

We had a good time with this chat and in listening to it later, I think that comes through. This was also the first time using the portable recording studio, and I was quite pleased with the quality. Our discussion had some interesting turns, including a point where you get to learn a bit about me and my martial arts background. I truly hope this one is as fun to listen to as it was for us to record.