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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 17, 2016

But that front kick that's done on a bag isn't truly owned by the student until they're in a free-thinking, sparring situation and they see the opening and they're like "Oh, now it's time for a front kick."

Renshi Lisa Magiera occupies an interesting place in the martial arts world, at least for listeners to this show. Over the episodes, we've spoken of various guests in a familial sense, as they tie to my place in the martial arts world. We've heard from older siblings, Uncles, and others. Renshi Lisa Magiera is best described as my sister.

Just a short time after I left Maine for College, Renshi moved to the area and starting training at the karate school I grew up in. She ultimately purchased it and continues to operate it today. She learned the same things by the same people, and we have many things in common because of that. Interestingly, we had very little overlap as my College visits to home rarely involved martial arts, as I was there for holidays and weekends. We've built a strong friendship over the last few years, though.

This episode is a lot of fun, for both of us, and hopefully, everyone else enjoys it, too.


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