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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 24, 2016

On episode 107 we released a profile of Sensei Fumio Demura. After several conversations with people that knew Sensei, it didn't seem likely that we'd be able to have him on the show. It's no secret that his health isn't great and, despite that, he's still very busy. So we went ahead and released our profile episode to honor him and all of his accomplishments. He's certainly a figure that martial artists should know.

From that episode, the folks at The Real Miyagi, the documentary outlining Sensei's life, reached out to us. After some back and forth they were able to put us in touch with Demura Sensei by email... and the rest is (now) history. What follows is an uncut discussion between Sensei Fumio Demura and host Jeremy Lesniak.