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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Dec 19, 2016

Mr. Kevin Galloway is a passionate martial arts instructor, school owner and tournament promoter. His stories show an immense dedication to the arts and his students.

Mr. Kevin Galloway - Episode 145

You can tell a real black belt. They don't get too excited, they don't get too low, don't get too high. But what they have is the confidence to resolve any conflict, up until, "I'm just going to walk away."

Way back on Episode 31 we had the chance to hear from a good friend of the show, Mr. Cory Rose. Since then he's been every bit as good of a friend, and today's guest comes from that friendship. Mr. Kevin Galloway is a longtime practitioner of both karate and taekwondo, now operating a school and hosting a competition in Oklahoma.

Mr. Galloway opens up about life, his family, his students and what makes a good instructor. The stories range from the emotional to the humorous, and you'll probably find yourself laughing along - and maybe even tearing up.

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