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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 23, 2017

Mr. Charles Murdock is a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) practitioner with roots in Aikido and Karate.

Mr. Charles Murdock - Episode 155

"You know, he always had this idea of these three legs on a stool. You had your work life, you had your family life and you had your training life. And that when something was going off in one of them you could always lean on the other two."

The more time I spend with this show, and meeting martial artists - in person and virtually - the more I realize the lines between location and style are blurry. It is from these blurry lines that today's guest comes to us. Instructor to a personal friend of mine, Mr. Charles Murdock is a practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts - often called HEMA - who started life with Asian martial arts. He talks to us today about those roots and what he's up to today, and how it all comes together.

Today's product of note is a second mention of our new Horizon colorway of sparring gear. We have some great new photos that really showcase the incredible depth and variances in the swirl color process. Check out all four colors at