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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Feb 27, 2017

Mr. Andrew Freund is a sumo practitioner and the promoter of the US Sumo Open with a background in kendo, tai chi & aikido.

Mr. Andrew Freund - Episode 165

"And when I reflect back on it, if someone had done something only for business, they might get great results, but there would probably be something lacking in terms of integrity, the authenticity and the passion."

It hit me one day that there's a martial art we never talk about in traditional circles. It's rarely in media and yet, it seems like the traditions are older than our interpretations of most traditional martial arts. So it was I went looking for someone we could talk to about the art of Sumo.

When you research Sumo in the United States, you inevitably find information about today's guest. As a sumo practitioner, event promoter, talent agent and so much more, Mr. Andrew Freund has dedicated his life to the art of Sumo. It was very clear after some research that this was the man to have on the show, and I'm so pleased he accepted the invitation.

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