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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

May 22, 2017

Kyoshi David Seeger & Sempai Holly Whitlock Seeger are karate practitioners from New York, best known for their video The Karate Rap

Kyoshi David Seeger & Sempai Holly Whitlock Seeger - Episode 190

You have to be good, you have to be the one that is on the right for the karate to even work.You have to have a pure heart.You can't be the bad guy.

If you have martial arts friends on social media, or your non-martial arts friends like to pick on you, you've probably seen The Karate Rap. This video is everything we love to pick on about martial arts, done in a true 80's-style music video. Every few months it surfaces, usually when a friend posts it to my Facebook page. I can't help but watch all over again, silently loving the cheesiness of it yet respecting the accuracy of so much of what is said and done in the video.

Recently someone reached out and asked that we find the person behind the video and talk to them. It turns out that person was actually a couple, Kyoshi David Seeger and his wife, Sempai Holly Whitlock Seeger. I reached out, we scheduled, and they're here for you today in our first-ever two-person interview. Not only do we talk about The Karate Rap, and give you a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff on one of my favorite pieces of martial arts cultural history, but we talk about them - their love of training, and how a martial arts marriage can work so well. I had a lot of fun talking to these two and I hope you enjoy listening.