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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 25, 2017

Kyoshi Brent Crisci is a karate practitioner and teacher from Maine. He is the founder of United Martial Art Academies.

To me, that's what sport karate does. It builds that type of integrity and it build that kind of pride.

Kyoshi Brent Crisci - Episode 226

In this episode, we talk with Kyoshi Brent Crisci who is also known as “Kicks” in the martial arts world. A very seasoned martial arts practitioner and instructor, he worked with some of the greats in the martial arts during his younger years. It was during those experiences he learned not only the material, but the importance of passing on to the younger generation. Kyoshi Crisci is a fighter and a survivor of one of life’s most challenging battles, which is why we’re so honored to have him today. Listen to Kyoshi Brent Crisci as he tells his very inspiring story.