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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 16, 2017

Professor Melody Shuman is a world champion martial arts practitioner, coach and instructor from the state of Louisiana. She was also a Disney employee and founder of the Little Ninjas program that so many of us know.

I believe that competition is really how you measure yourself. Win, lose or draw, you become a better version of yourself because of the energy and effort it takes to compete...

Professor Melody Shuman - Episode 232

Size is considered an advantage in most sports including martial arts. The bigger you are, the more likely you’ll be victorious, whether that’s in competition or a self-defense situation. When it comes to Professor Melody Shuman, winning is not about your size, it’s about hard work and a little bit of luck. She wasn’t gifted with height, but it didn’t stop her from competing in tournaments and ultimately becoming a martial arts champion. Professor Shuman’s story is nothing short of amazing because she embodies the notion that size doesn’t matter.