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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 15, 2018

Shifu Chris Friedman is a Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner originally from New York but now living and training in Shaolin, China.

I didnt have a whole lot of guidance basically. So, if I don't have Martial Arts in my life, I would guess there's a good possibility that I'd be dead, I could've went to prison, I could've became a criminal. So, just doing Martial Arts just gave me something positive outlet.

Shifu Chris Friedman - Episode 258

Many martial arts practitioners found their appreciation of the martial arts through watching classic kung fu movies. Shifu Chris Friedman is one of them.He fell in love with martial arts as an athletic young child and made it his motivation at school so he can train. His love for the arts didn’tstop there because he went to live in China specifically for martial arts training. Listen to Shifu Chris Friedman’s story and you’ll certainly come away inspired.