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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 16, 2018

Mr. Larry Zickefoose is a martial arts practitioner and an instructor at Karate Town USA. Mr. Zickefoose is now based in Kentucky.

I didn't care what style it was. If there was one near me, I'd go down and work out with them...

Mr. Larry Zickefoose - Episode 284

Most the martial artists find inspiration to get into the martial arts through the wonders of movies and television. Mr. Larry Zickefoose is not so different but he was inspired tremendously by his father. Mr. Zickefoose devoted his time as a child, reading his beloved Black Belt Magazine and his passion for the sport has never waned. He is a veteran of the martial ars with over 50 years of training with some of the greats. Today, he is a passionate student and instructor. Listen to find out more!