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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 28, 2019

Chief Instructor David Kahn is a martial arts practitioner and instructor of Krav Maga. He's an accomplished teacher of Military Krav Maga (MKM).

Obviously, people are built differently. Tall, short, male, female, strong, not so strong, but whatever their capabilities, Krav Maga has got to conform to the person...

Chief Instructor David Kahn - Episode 366

Quite a number of Krav Maga practitioners mainly trains for self-defense or it is included in the curriculum of their military training. Chief Instructor David Kahn is one those who have a deeper understanding of Krav Maga as he started his journey to the martial arts young and did not stop. Chief Instructor Kahn teaches Military Krav Maga on different law enforcement and national defense agencies around the world. Chief Instructor goes really deep into Krav Maga and so if you like hearing interesting stories about it, listen to find out more!