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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 15, 2019

Sifu Clark Tang is a martial arts instructor and practitioner. He is the founder of the Wing Chun Temple in California.

Being a warrior, being a martial artist, it's okay to be unhappy. It's okay not to go in your way. But let me tell you, you live a life that's not only for you, you live for something bigger.

Sifu Clark Tang - Episode 388

As a child, what are the odds that you'll be inside a kung fu theater that's showing a Shaw Brothers' film when you are not even supposed to be there? We can call it destiny but it definitely brought the best out of him. Sifu Tang has successfully related his faith with his martial arts through his spirituality. Sifu Clark Tang is the founder at the Wing Chun Temple and he is in the lineage of Ip Man. Get ready because Sifu Clark Tang gave us a very spiritual and emotional episode about his life and journey to the martial arts. Listen to find out more!