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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 29, 2019

Grandmaster Quynh Ngo is a martial arts practitioner and instructor of Cuong Nhu, a martial art that was founded by his father, Grandmaster Ngo Dong.

In martial arts, it's not the goat to get to green belt,  brown belt, black belt or to kick in the face, the goal is to be better now that you were a month ago.

Grandmaster Quynh Ngo - Episode 392

Not everyone has an opportunity to continue a legacy. A legacy that has been started by his father in the form of a martial art called Cuong Nhu. Grandmaster Quyng Ngo started in martial arts as soon as he was born, in fact, Cuong Nhu was called his twin because he was born the same year the martial art was founded. It started in Vietnam and Grandmaster Ngo's father brought it to Florida and it has grown to over 50 dojos today. Grandmaster Quynh Ngo has a lot of stories about the art and their journey back to the US so make sure to listen to learn more!

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Show Notes

On this episode, we mentioned Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do.

If you want to connect with Grandmaster Quynh Ngo, you may visit his websites at