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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Feb 17, 2020

Coach Lina Khalifeh is a martial arts practitioner and instructor of Taekwondo. She is a champion, trainer and founder of SheFighter, a self-defense school for women.

Why are women so afraid to stand and defend for themselves? That's how I started. I started teaching self-defense training at the basement of my parent's house. That's how I shifted from taekwondo to creating my own system.

Coach Lina Khalifeh - Episode 476

Addiction is not the most pleasant word to use but Coach Lina Khalifeh is on the good side. As a young child at age 5, Coach Khalifeh is already addicted to discipline, focus, values, and commitment as she goes to train 3x in a week in taekwondo. Presently, Coach Lina Khalifeh has a new addiction, helping women all over the world on how to defend themselves effectively. She founded SheFighter to become an internationally-known organization dedicated to increasing safety and self-image. Born and raised in Jordan, Coach Khalifeh is now based in Canada.

Show Notes

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