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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 16, 2016


Today we get some time with Mr. Donavan Barrett, a WTF taekwondo practitioner from the gulf coast of Florida. Mr. Barrett is an exceptional kicker with amazing flexibility and a great passion for the martial arts. We first met him on social media and after a lot of conversation, we selected him as one of our Brand Ambassadors. While we do what we can to help our partners, we're not talking to Mr. Barrett (or Mr. Donavan as he's called in his dojang) because of our relationship with him. Rather, we think he's an exceptional martial artist with great stories and a passion for sharing his passion. It doesn't take long in the episode for you to understand just how much this young man loves what he does.

Mr. Donavan talks extensively about the inspiration he takes from martial arts idols and pioneers such as Chloe Bruce, Ronda Rousey and Bill Wallace. As with most of our guests, he opens up about who he is and the impact martial arts has had on his life. His strength of character is certainly admirable and his self-confidence and willingness to share openly is worth noting. This is likely to be an episode that inspires others for some time.

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