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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 26, 2020

Professor Zahalea Anderson is a martial arts instructor and practitioner at the Urban School of Martial Arts in Long Beach, CA.

Until now, I never made money for myself. It all went back into the dojo. I'm working with kids whose parents were abusive. The dojo became a home and a safe house for them.

Professor Zahalea Anderson - Episode 548

Growing up in a household where your father is a martial arts instructor, becoming a martial artist is not impossible. A self-proclaimed "dojo baby", Professor Zahalea Anderson's passion for martial arts came naturally for her. Professor Anderson became an instructor of Jiujitsu and built a dojo herself called Urban School of Martial Arts in Long Beach, CA. However, things took a wrong turn where her dojo was destroyed by a fire this year. Listen as Professor Zahalea Anderson tells the story of her journey into the martial arts.

Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Dr. Moses Powell