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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Feb 22, 2016

Here we are, it's episode 60 and we're joined by Soke-Dai David Nemeroff. He's a diverse martial artist with 10 black belts and quite a few related interests. As a school owner, instructor, author, event promoter, Soke-Dai Nemeroff comes to us today to share his stories, and we get some great ones.

If you've wondered about the different perspectives martial artists have after training in different martial arts, you may find this episode interesting. Soke-Dai Nemeroff is primarily an Aikido practitioner, and that certainly comes through in his stories and his view of life and the martial arts. We talk about his time in Japan, challenges and even some of the ways he gives back.

As we always try to do, we're bringing you another episode with some wonderful stories that we hope keeps you entertained and inspired.

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