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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 21, 2021

Mr. Francis Cordon is a Martial Arts practitioner and the host of A Thousand Exits Podcast.

If you're ever going somewhere, make sure you're running towrds something. As a Martial Artist, you have to have ownership of your journey...

Mr. Francis Cordon- Episode 616

Mr. Francis Cordon’s goal is to foster unity in the Martial Arts community. For Martial Artists to stop 'infighting' and share and collaborate and be happy to be Martial Artists regardless of style and school. To stop feeling entitled to criticize and realize we can help each other and help each other live more fulfilling lives. In this episode, Mr. Francis Cordon tells us his journey to the Martial Arts and his passion for ALL Martial Arts

Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Bruce Lee.

You can subscribe to Mr. Francis Cordon’s YouTube Channel here and listen to A Thousand Exits Podcast.