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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jul 26, 2021

Dr. Jamie Seabrook is a Martial Arts practitioner and instructor at the Seabrook Martial Arts Academy.

I think opinions are great, that’s how we generate new ideas, theories, hypothesis, you name it. But, infairness, know something about the topic. Not just what others have said before you go and slam it.

Dr. Jamie Seabrook - Episode 626

If Martial Arts is your life, all decisions point towards it. Dr. Jamie Seabrook planned his college so that he can build his first Martial Arts school. Dr. Seabrook founded his first school at the age of 20 and his passion for teaching did not stop. Today, he is also a University professor and founder of the Seabrook Martial Arts Academy.

Dr. Jamie Seabrook has been training in the martial arts for 36 years and has been running his own school in London, Ontario for 26 years. Dr. Seabrook is an 8th Degree American Kenpo Black Belt (GM Larry Tatum), a Black Belt in Modern Arnis (GM Remy Presas), Black Dragon Kung Fu (Master Paul Chau), and a Blue Belt Stripe 2 in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (Rener and Ryron Gracie).

Show Notes

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