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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 15, 2021

Mr. Steven Matulewicz is a Martial Arts practitioner for 35 years in various disciplines.

There are 2 distinct mindset sometimes when we’re dealing with Martial Arts and why people are training. For me, it’s always about defending myself or defending other people more than any other aspect of Martial Arts.

Mr. Steven Matulewicz - Episode 658

Being bullied as a kid and watching Bloodsport, we all know what happens next. Mr. Steven Matulewicz became angry and frustrated with the negativity the bullies are inflicting on him and his friends, he turned to Martial Arts. Having watched the movie Bloodsport, Mr. Matulewicz realized that there are a lot of disciplines that can be studied within the Martial Arts.

In this episode, Mr. Steven Matulewicz tells the story of his Martial Arts journey and how it became his “way out.”