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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 22, 2021

Mr. Brian Doucette is a Martial Arts Practitioner and host of the Everyday Martial Artist Podcast.

You can also get a good student out of a bad instructor. Even a good instructor can put out a bad student sometimes, unfortunately. Because they train with the same person with the same thoughts and philosophy can be a complete polar opposite instructors and people.

Mr. Brian Doucette - Episode 660

As for so many people in the 1980’s, there is this one moment in the decade that defined their childhood. When Karate Kid was released in 1984, Mr. Brian Doucette gravitated towards Martial Arts when he saw himself on Daniel LaRusso. Mr. Brian Doucette is the host and creator of the Everyday Martial Artist Podcast and it was conceptualized as early as the 1990s. Having been working in a local radio station, Mr. Doucette has always tried to produce a Martial Arts show on the radio but he’s always turned down. Years later, due to the internet, the Everyday Martial Artist Podcast was born.

In this episode, Mr. Brian Doucette tells his journey to the Martial Arts and the creation of his podcast. Listen and join the conversation!

Show Notes

You may check and listen to Mr. Brian Doucette’s Everyday Martial Artist Podcast at