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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Mar 21, 2016

Today we're joined by Sensei Rocky DiRico, an excellent martial artist and accomplished competitor. Sensei DiRico, like all of our guests, loves the martial arts. Unlike other guests, though, he's made competition a core part of his training, having been ranked #1 in the nation or world by NASKA, NBL and PKL rating organizations. He also spent a ten-year stint at the top of the KRANE rankings - all of these accomplishments coming after he turned 35. He is widely regarded as the most accomplished senior competitor in the history of sport martial arts. We spend some time talking about that, but also his traditional roots & how he got started.

In an amazing example of how small the world truly is, both Sensei DiRico and my instructor started their careers in teaching martial arts in the same town, teaching out of the exact same building, two years about. Despite that, they've never met.

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