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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 25, 2022

Mr. Jeff Nosanov is a Martial Arts practitioner, author, and spent a long time working at NASA.

From the beginning I knew that the black belt felt so far away, I did not want it unless I absolutely earned it. Because I thought people got promoted to it just by showing up. I didn’t want that…

Mr. Jeff Nosanov - Episode 704

The connection between Martial arts and the film The Matrix is undeniable but for a teenager, it was a connection that’s life-changing. Mr. Jeff Nosanov, inspired by The Matrix, got out of his way and went into a dojo, and trained in Taekwondo. Aside from battling obesity, Mr. Jeff Nosanov used the tools he acquired from training to be able to achieve his ultimate dream of working at NASA. Yes, he’s that cool!

In this episode, Mr. Jeff Nosanov talks about how Martial Arts inspired him to get healthy and learn about fitness. Listen to learn more!

Show Notes

Check out Mr. Jeff Nosanov’s book How Things Work at NASA