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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 20, 2022

Hanshi Jerry Piddington is a martial arts practitioner and founder of the American Karate Academies National Association.

There’s no police in our industry. Zero police. It’s all about the rules. If you play by a specific rules, you can get something done. But the rules change in all the different organizations.

Hansi Jerry Piddington - Episode 720

Hanshi Jerry Piddington has a martial arts career that spans five decades and has studied with some of the most famous martial artists in the world. His first teacher was Caylor Atkins, a Shotokan stylist. Mr. Piddington received his first black belt from Tom Crites in Shorin-Ryu. Continuing his career, Mr. Piddington trained in Hawaiian Kenpo with Michael Stone, Japanese Goju-Ryu with Chris Armstrong, Kempo with Ed Parker, and Shorin-Ryu with Master Tadashi Yamashita. Mr. Piddington was also a student and friend of O'Sensei Robert Trias, Father of American Karate.

Grandmaster Robert A. Trias took notice of Hanshi Piddington and invited him to create the first American style of karate in the United States. On May 2, 1972, Mr. Piddington was declared the Headmaster and Founder of American Open Style Karate under the USKA sanctified charter, established by Master Trias, which was internationally ratified on May 30th, 1975. In February 2000 Mr. Piddington was declared Headmaster of American Shorei/Shorin Karate by Hanshi John Pachivas, Grandmaster of Shuri-ryu Karatedo, and was awarded his 10th degree black belt. Grandmaster Jerry Piddington founded American Karate Academies National Association (AKANA) in 1976.

Hanshi Piddington enjoys acting in live theatre and stage combat. He has been a fight choreographer and stunt man in several major motion pictures such as Killer Inside Me, A Reason to Kill, Night Realm, The Quest starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Roger Moore, and BloodSport II starring Daniel Bernhardt, Pat Morita, and James Hong. He is currently filming a documentary and reality show based on his adventure to Cambodia called, When Two Masters Meet.

In this episode, Hanshi Jerry Piddington talks about his legendary career. Listen to learn more!

Show Notes

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