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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 18, 2016

Today we get to talk to someone that, in some ways, is very much a mirror of myself. Sensei Jaredd Wilson is a martial artist with experience in Aikido, Silat and Kenjutsu, but he also hosts a podcast about the martial arts, called Martial Thoughts. And in a very new development, it looks like we'll be seeing him at the first-ever whistlekick Martial Arts Weekend in July, 2016.

We became friends over social media and decided it would be fun to have each other on as guests. We've done that and I really enjoyed my time talking with Sensei Wilson, both on his show and here, on Episode 76. Sensei Wilson has a strong love for the martial arts, martial arts culture and seems to genuinely believe, as many of our guests do, that there's nothing like martial arts training for developing better people and improving the world.

So check it out. ~jeremy


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