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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 14, 2022

Sensei Joe Johnson is a Martial Arts Practitioner and Instructor at Jukado dojo in Maine.

I gew up fighting. I know how to throw a punch. I didn’t know how to avoid those situations. I realize that Martial Arts gave me a way of controlling myself and my own anger. If I control myself and my anger, then I control the situation…

Sensei Joe Johnson - Episode 762

Most Martial Artists started their journey right around when they were kids. However, Sensei Joe Johnson started pretty recently for his age. What’s more interesting is the reason why he even got into martial arts. Sensei Johnson, at the time, committed a month of training, then a few more months until it turned into 17 years presently. Sensei Johnson thought he could have a diversion from his everyday life in Martial Arts until it became part of his life.

In this episode, Sensei Joe Johnson talks about his remarkable transformation before he started Martial Arts and how it turned his life around from an angry person into a gentle and loving one. Listen to learn more!

Show notes

In this episode, we mentioned Allan Viernes