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Apr 3, 2017

Mr. John Hackleman is a Kajukenbo aka Hawaiian Kempo practitioner. He's also the founder of the training center The Pit and respected MMA coach to well-known fighters including Chuck Liddell.

Mr. John Hackleman - Episode 176

Kids in Hawaii can fight. The way I was treated in my High School, I was treated like the star quarterback for the football team because I was a martial artist fighter, I was a golden glove boxer. The teachers, the principal, the administration...

You don't have to go far into the world of Mixed Martial Arts to hear of today's guest. Mr. John Hackleman has built a career out of training some of the best in the world and in the process, his facility, The Pit, has become legendary. The man some call the Pitmaster is more than a great coach, he has a foundation in Hawaiian Kempo (Kenpo).

It was thanks to a past guest I was introduced to Mr. Hackleman, and our conversation was a great one. He's a no-nonsense sort of martial artist but pays homage to his roots in a way that some of the more modern practitioners don't seem to do. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him and look forward to everything he has in store.

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