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Nov 9, 2015

If we lead with a fighter's heart, that's all we can ask for. To change one student's life... that's a big thing.

I'll set the scene for you. We just finished up a day of exhibiting at a martial arts tournament and went out to eat with the promoter and a few others. I come back from getting my food at the buffet and see a man sitting at the chair across from me. The man is quite a bit larger than anyone else in the room, and when he shakes my hand, it becomes lost in his. Sensei Robb Buckland is, in a word, intimidating. However, the smile on his face evened out any intimidation I felt.

Throughout our meal, Sensei Buckland shared amazing stories with everyone at the table. He holds a black belt from Joe Lewis and knows many of our past guests very well. I knew that this man needed to come on the show as a guest, and he was quite willing. The stories on today's episode are as wonderful as any we've had, but they carry with them a sense of humor that (arguably) no guest has. There were times I had to mute my microphone to keep from laughing over his words, and I suspect you'll find yourself laughing as well.

That doesn't mean that you should question Sensei Buckland's skill. He is a skilled and legitimate martial artist and has trained with a vast number of amazing practitioners. A Google image search of his name will show you the legendary friends he has, and listening to this episode will help you understand why he has earned their respect. Enjoy.


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