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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Dec 30, 2019

Miss Samantha Win is a martial arts practitioner and actor from Barrie, Ontario. Now living in California, she has been featured in the films Wonder Woman and Man of Steel.

Indulging in your pain. Knowing that that pain is making you stronger, just like in training, all the times you're suffering, you're so much...

Dec 26, 2019

In this episode, Jeremy talks about a viral Facebook post about a kid who went to retaliate against his bully.

Everyone Has the Right to Feel Safe - Episode 461

We are wired to defend ourselves when we are threatened and this is exactly what the boy did to his bully on that viral Facebook post. Everyone has the right to...

Dec 23, 2019

Mr. Philip Hartshorn is a martial arts practitioner, Star Wars aficionado, and YouTube creator at the PhilUp channel.

How do you expect to learn or why should you be able to learn one of the most ancient and most difficult, intricate types of movement that the body has ever achieved when you can't even eat in the right...

Dec 19, 2019

In this episode, Jeremy talks about the much-anticipated whistlekick book called, "The Martial Artists Handbook"

The Martial Artists Handbook - Episode 459

Since the 100th episode of whistlekick Martial Arts Radio, Jeremy has been pondering about making a book that is based on the podcast. After a few hundred episodes,...

Dec 16, 2019

Professor David Meyer is a martial arts practitioner and instructor who teaches how can we maximize nutrition. He is a 2019 IBJJF Champion.

He (Sensei Jack Seki) used to tell us that you're always armed. You're armed with the ground. He said it's better than a club, it's better than a knife because you can hit someone...