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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 30, 2017

Sensei Roberto Davila is an Arnis & Jujitsu practitioner from Massachusetts, born in Puerto Rico.

Sensei Roberto Davila - Episode 157

I don't think the guy on the street is going to care if I have injuries or not, so I have to find new ways, as I'm slowing down, you know , to make it more simple and very effective.

I had heard stories of today's guest months before I had spoken with him. Months, even, before a listener to the show suggested him and introduced us. The martial arts world can be very small, and today's interview again reminds me of that. I've known Sensei Davila's instructor for some time, as we were introduced by a few past guests. [His instructor's interview was lost due to technical issues and we're in the process of rescheduling.]

Sensei Davila holds nothing back in this episode as he talks about two very different times in his life. Early on, he was a troubled youth, engaged in some of the worst behavior someone can. After finding martial arts, however, he changed. This dramatic shift is seen in the stories he tells and the emotion with which he tells them. It is an honest, open and thoughtful episode that I hope you enjoy.