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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 16, 2020

Mr. Glenn Murphy is a martial arts practitioner and instructor. He is the founder of NC Systema which is based in North Carolina.

I guess my drive to studying Aikido was kind of wanting to study something that worked with refinement and efficiency. I was never going to be like the biggest or the fastest guy out there, it just occurred to me that trying to just learn how to wrestle or box in the skilled way as you can would still probably going to get your head kicked by a very large guy in England at some point.

Mr. Glenn Murphy - Episode 554 

A lot of us martial artists train with one or two styles throughout our journies however, Mr. Glenn Murphy is an exception. Mr. Glenn Murphy started training as a kid with Judo at a local army camp then followed by a multitude of disciplines such as Karate, Fencing, swordplay, and even went to Japan to become an expert in Aikido. His time with Aikido became numbered and decided to train with Systema and founded NC Systema. Mr. Murphy is a great story-teller and he tells his journey from Judo to Systema in great detail. Listen to learn more!