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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 5, 2021

Dr. Jean Kanokoji is a Martial Arts Practitioner, Instructor, and Special Agent for the US Government.

The sport, the philosophy, the kindness, the fact that I’m bowing to somebody who’s about to kick my butt or I’m about to choke them out. I'm respecting and thanking them through my bow to allow me to be a better Judoka.

Dr. Jean Kanokogi - Episode 594

When Martial Arts is in your blood, you become more natural to it. Dr. Jean Kanokogi was born on the mat, literally and figuratively. Dr. Kanokogi’s parents, Ryohei and Rusty, were both pillars of Judo not only in the US but in international competitions. Dr. Jean Kanokogi is a Special Agent for the US General Services Administration, and she teaches martial arts to law enforcers. In this episode, which is nothing short of awesome, Dr. Kanokogi talks about her journey to the martial arts as well as her parents’ legacy for Judo.

Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Ronda Rousey, Kayla Harrison, and Jimmy Pedro
To know more about Rusty Kanokogi’s, Dr. Jean Kanokogi’s mother, contributions to Judo, visit

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