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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 23, 2018

Sifu Ken Gullette is an Internal Arts practitioner, podcaster, and instructor at Ken Gullette’s Internal Fighting Arts.

Don't check your brain at the door of a martial arts school. Maintain your critical thinking, don't put your teachers in pedestals...

Shifu Ken Gullette - Episode 286

Today’s guest started his journey to the martial arts the same as most of us. Sifu Ken Gullette is proud to be part of the “Bruce Lee Boom” when people started training martial arts after watching his films. But there is more to Sifu Gullette than meets the eye, he looked through the martial arts, beyond the movements and techniques because he saw the importance of the philosophy of the arts. Sifu Ken Gullette has a lot of interesting stories so, listen to learn more!