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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 21, 2020

Professor Mark Reding is a martial arts practitioner, Head Professor, and founder at the Reding Martial Arts in Texas.

Life is about learning. We as martial artists are fortunate that we are in an art that we can always learn in.

Professor Mark Reding - Episode 538

For a person who has no interest in any sports, doing martial arts is way out of his priorities let alone go to class with his dad. However, Professor Mark Reding was asked by his dad to come with him on a karate class and the moment he stepped foot on the dojo, he knew he will be doing martial arts for the rest ofo his life. Professor Reding knew he will be teaching so at the age of 19, skipping college, he went to have his own school and he never looked back since. Professor Reding is the founder at the Reding Martial Arts in Texas and aside from Karate, he trained with several other styles in martial arts. Listen to learn more!

Show Notes

You may check out Professor Mark Reding's school at