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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 23, 2020

Mr. David Liban is a Martial Arts practitioner, filmmaker, and professor at CU Denver's College of Arts & Media.

It was just evident to me that Martial Arts is the kind of exercise, the kind of training that, it may not make you live longer but it will give you a better life if you do it for as long as you live.

Mr. David Liban - Episode 556

Training in college and then taking a break, and then back at it again. A story that may have been familiar but not common to us is the path that Mr. David Liban has taken. During his break from the martial arts, Mr. Liban worked on his filmmaking and produced films such as Looking For Mr. Miyagi and A Feral World. Presently he is training with Sensei Gary Swain in Denver and he is a film professor at CU Denver's College of Arts & Media. Mr. David Liban has used his filmmaking skills with his training and if you want to know what he did, listen to learn more!

Show Notes

You can check out his films here:

Looking for Mr. Miyagi, A Feral World

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Perspectives on Shotokan karate:  
Martial Arts and the legal system: 
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Outtake “Karate Heart Attack scene”